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Caitlin Furbee, Owner of Remarkable Interiors
& StoryMaker User


Most businesses struggle
with how they talk about their company.

When it comes to social media, your 30 second pitch, sales emails, blog posts or any written or spoken messaging, most small business owners and marketers have trouble finding the right words to connect their business – with their audience.

Not to mention, the writing process takes up your valuable time.

StoryMaker solves this very basic – yet very prevalent business problem.

We’ve taken our proven, time-tested marketing BrandStory framework, and combined that process with the latest generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, to develop an easy-to-use SaaS application to help people just like you.

Developed with the small business owner, entrepreneur, or even a non-profit leader in mind, StoryMaker will create the right words, on-the-fly, for your social media, 30-second pitches, emails, blog posts, and unlimited brand messages – all with a couple clicks of a mouse. That’s powerful! And saves you valuable time.

Your words matter. Why? Because the words you use to tell the story of your business, cause people to either buy your products and services – or NOT. So do it the right way, fast – with StoryMaker!

Introducing StoryMaker

The app that helps small business simplify, clarify and amplify their 30-second story, pitch, and marketing messages.

What is StoryMaker?

StoryMaker is a easy-to-use software platform that uses, at it’s core, InnerAction Media’s (IAM) proprietary “StoryMaker” process and harnesses the power of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create custom marketing messaging just for you. Our patent-pending algorithm ensures your content is original, tailored just for your business, and includes the capacity for you to create content for all of your products and services.

Features include:

  • Easy to use set-up wizard
  • Elegant and intuitive User Interface
  • Custom business marketing database
  • Unlimited product / services database
  • Comprehensive story library of all the content you create
  • All content is editable – using a “Word” type editor
  • All stories are automatically emailed to specified recipient list
  • Much More!

How will StoryMaker help me?

StoryMaker brings affordable marketing sophistication to small business owners and non-profit organizations. Now, you’re equipped with the tools and expertise to easily create multimedia marketing messages and any type of written marketing content. That’s essential today for most small businesses to cause your target audience to take action, buy your products or services and increase sales!

StoryMaker Features

Infinite “Make My Story” message generator.

Target specific marketing messages to specific audiences.

The StoryMaker Library enables users to keep messages and pitches for future use.

Allows users to connect with custom “tone of voice” (i.e. intellectual, educational, etc.).

StoryMaker App

Is available on desktop, and all major mobile device platforms.

Annual or Monthly subscriptions enable users to frequently update messaging.

Easily create ongoing internal and external communications with a bank of stored messages.

Multi-service line offerings can have their own targeted messaging.

Create Your Story

StoryMaker’s proprietary process explained in a few simple steps that only requires a few minutes to onboard.

Step 1

Who is your customer?

Step 2

What problems do they face?

Step 3

Your brand is the guide.

Step 4

What solutions do you provide?

Step 5

What does customer success look like?

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